Friday, August 24, 2007

Another week, another assortment of tags

While I await more of can this this weekend, here's what I looked at this week:

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Caramelized Figs - Notwithstanding the fig ordering debacle, I think there are still enough salvageable figs to make this this weekend. If only the man of the house loved figs as I do...

Madeleines - One can really never have too many recipes, especially if one, say, is a new eponymous shop that has opened in New York whose madeleines tasted quite similar to sponge or rubber.

Fig Almond Tartelettes - But do I have enough usable figs to make this as well? I fear not as I really am crazing fig ice cream, seconded by chocolate fig cake. Perhaps I'll take a chance at the figs from the corner or Whole Foods.

Catalan Tomato Bread
- Dear god, this is tonight's dinner. I must find Serrano ham asap! Holy crap it looks good.

Tomato Confiture - Damn - I didn't make it to the market this morning, maybe I'll sneak out now.

Pistachio Cherry Financiers - Mmmmm, sour cherry season is pretty much over. Next year?

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