Monday, August 20, 2007

Can This - Day 1

An out of the ordinary Monday morning market trip (made in order to get greengage plums which were nowhere to be found, despite insider information to the contrary) convinced me that the time had come to do something with the sixteen tons of produce already taking up space in my fridge.

Completely unsuitable salad tongs in hand, I commenced an afternoon/evening of canning.

Step 1: Strawberry Preserves

Using the pectin that has been sitting on my shelf for quite some time and the two overflowing pints of strawberries that can be classed as past their prime yet edible. I made my first ever jam. Obviously, if, in several months' time, you hear one of those cautionary reports on CNN "New Yorkers found dead of freak home canning botulism incident," you'll know I was unsuccessful. In the meantime, I'm keeping the dream alive.

Step 2: Roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes

Using nothing more than a brownie pan, olive oil, and sea salt, I transformed these perfectly edible tomatoes into a swirling mass of future bread topping.

Step 3: Find inner Martha

Some time ago Martha Stewart reminded us of how much fun it could be to make things at home and put labels on them. I scoffed at the time, and then found myself this evening, futzing with Photoshop to create something kicky to affix to my ball jars.

Step 4: Plan ahead

One may be stopping at the Container Store tomorrow to pick up additional glassware so that one might preserve ones really cool peppers, create apricot and peach preserves, and generally feel like a person for whom the thought of scalding hot water and food toxins is exhilarating.

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