Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Market Wednesday

The folks at the office think I might be a little crazy. Every Wednesday morning, I show up groaning beneath the weight of my bag (and sometimes some other bags) because I have just spent the past hour shuffling around the Union Square Greenmarket. This is a weekly date I have with my mother (ok sometimes it's twice weekly) and both of us have severe difficulty in keeping to any sort of plan.

Case in point, this morning I had two items I had to buy: potatoes and blackberries. Now, while it is true that I bought both of those things, it would be an appalling understatement to claim that this was all I bought. Enter

1 box tiny red cherry tomatoes
1 box sungold tomatoes
2 boxes tristar strawberries
1 raisin walnut bread
1 dozen large brown eggs
2 pounds elephant plums
1.5 pounds white nectarines

My fridge is a fruit fly's wet dream. I am still eating fruit from last week, but I simply can't resist - it's all just too beautiful and all just too fleeting. Behold a small sampling of the market's bounty.

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