Friday, September 14, 2007

Short week tagging

Out of the office two days this week, meaning I had less time to read other people's sites. There were, as always, quite a few standouts in what I did read, though.

Dark Chocolate Financiers - I too am a fan of Jean Paul Hevin, and as I do not have a cookbook from him, though, obviously, now I'll be looking for it, this is a lovely little introduction.

Real Corn Soup - It's true, the corn is nearing it's end, but I haven't used it much this summer, other than an occasional ear at dinner, so I might have this be corn's last hurrah for the year.

White Beans and Sausage
- Which, I guess, means cooler climes are upon us and I should just get used to the idea of several months of comfort food.

Spicy South Africa Braised Beef - Ditto. Plus, I've been thinking of braising all my meat and saving money on the pricier cuts.

Espresso Caramels
- I, myself, have been making caramel without a candy thermometer, but Heidi's look like they achieved a really good, really even consistency, so maybe I'll trot the old thermometer out.

Ricotta Cake with Meyer Lemon Curd
- And yes, soon the Meyer lemons will be arriving, and with them a weekend of zesting and juicing. Once I have more juice and zest than I could ever hope to use, this might be a nice destination.

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