Thursday, August 2, 2007

Some opening thoughts

I thought there was an idea behind people who didn't know each other going out for good dinners in Manhattan. Not a blind date, not an excuse to get quickly liquored up and quickly paired up, but something for people like me: a person who loves food living with someone who would sooner get a roast beef from the corner bodega than sit beneath a cloth napkin awaiting foie gras torchon with gooseberry compote. My friends told me it was a horrible idea. In retrospect, I imagine they were correct, but the blogger account lingered.

Fast-forward several months. I'm sitting in my dreaded office, surrounded by a leaning tower of greenmarket goodies wishing the office would experience a massive gas leak so I could go home and cook. I spend the useless days reading about food, thinking about food, and planning the food I will make, only to arrive home at 8:00pm, demoralized and exhausted, and calling a handful of tomatoes and leftover cherry clafoutis dinner.

But if I were to write about food throughout the day, perhaps get those dinner ideas out into the ether, it would be almost like cooking them when I got home. Or maybe it would focus me for the weekends when I do cook. Maybe it would motivate me to upgrade my damn digital camera and remember to bring it with me when I go out to eat (because the garganelli at del posto's was arranged in the cutest little windmill pattern). It also, I imagine, will make the day go by a little more quickly, and allow me to put my daydreaming to good use.

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Chip said...

Sounds like a great idea to me. Look forward to reading more of the daydreams.